We are pleased to announce we are now up and running in Asia and based in Hong Kong - Soft Opening for the next two weeks

About Us

Born in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Active Root is a sports drink company committed to delivering innovative natural sports drinks to athletes of all levels. We use natural root ginger to help athletes keep their stomachs settled and balanced during exercise. We aim to improve athletic performance with a product made only from natural ingredients.

Active Root is used by athletes of all standards, from professional marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes and OCR racers to amateur sports enthusiasts and week-night joggers. We also work with multiple team sports clubs. Our products are available online as well as from sports retailers, pharmacists and outdoor stores.

The Active Root mascot is Ginger the fox. We chose Ginger after an encounter with a fox on the Edinburgh Meadows during a market research tasting session. He shot across the grass at a rate of knots, avoiding dogs and pedestrians then sprang over a wall. We were impressed. Now he is our good luck charm at all events we do!