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How We Came To Be

Active Root was formed by sports enthusiasts Will Townsend and George Ashley.

Will, a keen marathon runner, often complained that mainstream sports drinks tended to upset his stomach during races. He believed there must be a better way of staying hydrated and energised without the accompanying side effects of nausea and stomach problems.

He remembered that his Mum had given him ginger beer to cure stomach ailments when he was a child. It tasted great and cured the problem. He wondered if there might be a way to get the benefits of ginger into a sports drink. With this interest piqued, Will worked with George and they experimented, mixing root ginger into water and carbohydrates. The aim was to create a sports drink that provided optimal hydration and energy with a flavour that was not too sweet or spicy. Crucially, it had to deliver the stomach settling benefits of ginger during exercise. After much trial and error in the kitchen, they came up with a starting recipe!

Testing Active Root

The team had created a basic sports drink and had a theory that the ginger in Active Root could reduce stomach problems. Now they had to test whether that was true.

Will found some journals containing proof that ginger does help reduce stomach discomfort and, particularly, nausea. You can read excerpts from the journals in our science section. The next stage was to see if those same benefits of ginger applied DURING and AFTER exercise.

At this point, sports and nutrition scientist Huw Stradling became involved in the project. Over a 12-week period he conducted trial tests on athletes running 5km races. With his guidance, the team analysed whether the consumption of a ginger isotonic beverage had an effect on an individual's gastro-intestinal (GI) discomfort. The study became the basis of Huw's Master’s thesis in Sports Nutrition. Using three variations; water, a ginger-based isotonic beverage and a carrot-based isotonic beverage, athletes compared measures of GI discomfort before, during and after exercise. The results showed that the ginger-based beverage significantly decreased nausea and general stomach discomfort in the pre and post-exercise phase.

Armed with strong evidence of ginger’s benefits, it was time to make a sports drink!

The next step was to ensure the ingredients in the formula worked in harmony with the stomach-settling effects of ginger. The best way to achieve this was to use natural ingredients as far as possible. After much testing, the solution emerged – a natural carbohydrate source, unbleached cane sugar and sea salt for electrolytes. This focus on natural ingredients made it possible to completely omit artificial flavours, sweeteners and preservatives. Compared to factory-produced ingredients such as maltodextrin and glucose, the natural ingredients are kinder on the stomach, easier for the body to process, and they also taste much better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ginger?

Ginger has been used to cure nausea and sea sickness since ancient Chinese times. However, until now, its athletic performance benefits have never been properly applied. Active Root uses natural root ginger in all its products to help soothe the stomach and prevent gastric discomfort before, during and after exercise. Studies have shown that 30%-50% of endurance athletes suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. 

That’s hardly surprising given the impact on the body of activities such as running, cycling and swimming. 

What ingredients does Active Root contain?

All four of the ingredients in Active Root are familiar and natural: unbleached cane sugar, citric acid, sea salt and natural root ginger. We have configured these ingredients into a formula that helps keep the body balanced, fuelled and hydrated for longer than similar products. Our formula is completely free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colours and was created with the help of our resident Sports Nutrition Scientist Huw Stradling. He has over five years’ experience of working on nutritional plans for high-level sports teams across the UK. Huw says, "Our simple ingredients profile creates a cleaner tasting, better performing product. Understanding what is going into the body helps athletes trust what they are drinking and how it will aid performance." 

Is Active Root vegan?

Yes! All the ingredients in Active Root are suitable for vegans and are produced using methods that do not introduce or use meat or derivatives of meat. Our products are manufactured under strict hygiene guidelines where no contaminants can be introduced to the recipe.